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Yitzac Goldstein CEO


I have spent my life in the field of sustainable agriculture & sustainable fiber/textile industries:

  •  from my university coursework in Agroecology,

  • to several years co-managing a Permaculture farm,

  • to working hands-on in China for 27 years at ~100 mills developing eco-textiles and implementing best-practices for fiber, yarn, and fabric raw materials and processing,

  •  to designing systems for closed-loop biorefineries which regenerate soil while producing carbon-negative natural fiber and spinning technologies for improving recycled yarn quality and reducing microplastic shedding (patent application link 1, 2),  

  • to serving as Senior Sustainable Materials Consultant to H&M,

  • to co-founding and serving as CTO of Circular Systems SPC (whose Co-CEO Brian Camastral is the former Global President of Mars Foods)

  • to collaborating with top scientists at academic, government, and private research institutes on circular economy and bio economy inventions


Looking forward to collaborating around strategies to stop the climate crisis, to regenerate our soils, and to empower local communities.  I believe that sustainability means honoring, supporting, and celebrating the diversity in the natural environment and in our human family..

Please visit my LinkedIn profile for more information on me and my other sustainable ventures.

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