Eco-textile innovations since 1994

In 1994 we incorporated as Hemp Textiles International Inc. (Hemptex) to focus on low impact textiles built with sustainable alternative vegetal fibers.


Over the years we added a wide range of raw materials & processes to our portfolio, but never lost our focus.  We originated as an eco-textile company and for 27 years (and counting) we continue to pioneer in the field today.   

Tried & True

We have serviced many of the world's biggest brands and have met their strict quality, price, performance, delivery, capacity, sustainability, and integrity requirements.    

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Fiber, Yarn, Fabric

We design, develop, manufacture and market fibers, yarns, and fabrics for the textile, fashion, footwear, accessories, and interior furnishing trades.

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We Cook Your Recipe

As a vertical converter, with dozens of subcontractors throughout the supply chain, we offer our customers the ingredients and the tools for customization.  


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"Beyond bottles" - Introducing tex2tex  Recycling


We have been making textiles from recycled PET bottles for over 25 years.  Now, with our tex2tex program we are offering customers fiber, yarn and fabric from mechanically recycled cotton & cotton/poly blends, and mechanically recycled polyester textiles.


We do Closed Loop programs too!  We collect cutting waste from your

sewing mills in China and SE Asia and customize recycled textile programs for you!

We are the talk of the town (and trade).

Our textile designs and innovations set the trends in the textile and fashion industry, and are covered in both consumer and trade media sources.    

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The "Nobel Prize of Sustainable Textiles"

Earth Protex invented the Agraloop technology, and co-founded Circular Systems SPC to bring it to market.  Agraloop won the 1st Prize in H&M Foundations Global Change Award, often called the "Nobel Prize of Sustainable Fashion."  You can see a recap of the exciting award ceremony at the actual Nobel Prize location here.  Also you can see here a fun animated video explaining the technology.   

Capacity & Convenience

We produce with vertical converting supply chains in both China and India.  We can do domestic business in those countries, or can ship to wherever your contractors are located.   

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Vertical Converting

We produce for you at dozens of the most advanced textile facilities in the world.  With our design, development, and manufacturing experience we navigate you through the whole supply chain from polymers, to fibers, to spinning, to knitting & weaving, and finally to dyeing & finishing.  We don't trade in commodities.  We have a hand in 

getting specialized eco-textiles to market from start to finish.  This allows us control over quality and integrity, while also allowing for maximum customer customization opportunities...

The Earth Protex Name Logo

"Protex" uses "tex" the industry short-hand for textiles.

We used Protex to sound like "protect".

Earth Protex = "Earth Protection Textiles"

In our logo, the circle is our precious and fragile earth.   Each ring represents our complex & inter-related life support systems (soil, water, plants & animals, air).  

Those rings sit on a rock and are surrounded by the void of space.  Magic.  Let's keep the magic alive!  


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